>** MAP = Multi Animator Project**
> I draw catified/dogified versions of fandom characters, and you can find all of my below!
free to use w/ credit!


  • Do not repost my art to any other sites I have accounts on (unless it's a commission and you've gotten permission from me)

  • If you are a minor and feel uncomfy about me following you due to my age, please don't be afraid to tell me!

  • My DMs are always open for anyone if they wish to talk or for buisness reasons!


Basic DNI things, TERFS, exclus, support mspec lesbians/gays, anti self dx, anti neopronoun, endo system/supporters, proshipper/profic/anti-anti

*things can be tagged separately or as "spronk don't look"


The Owl House, Promare, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Pokémon, Be More Chill, Wings of Fire, not Danganronpa as a but whole just a few characters, My Little Pony, Persona 5,

Glass Animals, Bastille, Nintendo games, lynxes, raccoons, mythical creatures (esp dragons and griffons), animation, plushies, pastel + neon colours, space aesthetics, purple, roller coasters

I am always critical of my interests


  • Makoto Naegi (DR)

  • Pit (Kid Icarus)

  • Rex (XC2)

  • Jeremy Heere (BMC)

  • Peter Parker (Spider-Man - Specifically MCU)

  • Sunny (WoF)

Doubles are ok! I kin for fun!